Public Service Announcement Proposal

Fluoride_Kills_TestPublic Service Announcement “Toxins in our Water” –
The water of Port Angeles is contaminated with a deadly toxin.  While it is diluted enough not to be life threatening, it still poses serious health risks.  A by-product of industry, this toxin is knowingly placed into our water supply and labeled in the interest of the public but in process we are all being ‘medicated’ without our consent.

This short clip will briefly illustrate what fluoride actually is, why it is being placed in our water, and the actual consequences.

Style: Combination of footage, graphics and music to quickly illustrate the point.

Shooting Schedule:
May 7-14

Audience, Marketing & Distribution: The intended audience includes those living on the Olympic Peninsula especially residents of Port Angeles and Forks as well as those interested in the fight against fluoridation. The film will be available on Youtube and local blogs.

                              Days                        $Cost                      $Total


        Microphone and Tripods                      /                           300                          300

        Travel and per diem

        Van and Gas                                         1                           50                           50

        Food for Assistant                                1                          25                            50


GRAND TOTAL                                                                                                                              $400

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